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The following is a list of winners in the Association for Multimedia Communications (AMC) FlashFest 2001 Contest. They were announced at the AMC¹s Holiday Party on December 12, 2001 in Chicago.

Art / Experimental Category
1 - Dubi  Kaufmann,    
³My personal page with experimentations in Flash.²
2 - Laddie Scott Odom, URL Labs,    
³Spank is an online realization of a board game developed by my friend and collaborator, Eve Monzingo.  Surreal, absurdist fun for the whole family.²
3 - Kate O'Leary,    
³A self promotional site that reflects my  interest in childrens artwork through bright innovative color pallette, simple animations and unexpected design and layout.²

Commercial / Industrial / E-Commerce
1 - Eric  Bailey, Giantstep,    
³Giant Step worked with the Oldsmobile History Center to develop an interactive timeline that highlights Oldsmobile's technological innovations and automotive "firsts.²
2 - Brian Joosse, Technotribe,    
³The eTour allows users to experience the facilities found on a typical DeVry campus.²
3 - Mike  Smialek, Knowledge Dynamics,    
³Magnesium is a soon to be marketed Knowledge Dynamics suite of GUI components for developing application front ends in Flash.²

Entertainment / Games
1 - Robert William Gomez, Ajenda Interactive Media,
³This piece is intended to showcase the lighter side of Ajenda Interactive Media as well as demonstrate some of our Flash animation capabilities.²
2 - Richard Carton, Carton Cartoons,    
³A full-length animated video for Chicago rock gods and goddesses CANE CORSO.²
3 - Steve Gadlin, Type A Mltimedia Network,    
³This interactive e-card lets you choreograph a special dance, and send it to a friend.²

1 - Ben Michel, Purple Monkey Studios, Inc.,
³We were asked to create an educational music appreciation Web site.²
2 - Kirk Boone, Museum of Science and Industry,
³Online version of a newly opened exhibit about the Internet²
3 - Dave Burdick, Lukens-Burdick, Ltd.,    
A site redesign using Flash (as well as an HTML alternate) that was visually more appealing, faster, and easier to use. As part of the site we also produced a six and a half minute Flash movie that traces a home fire minute by minute.

1 - Eric  Wagner, Tanagram,
³³This site was designed to be a minimal, fluid experience, inviting users to explore the organic world of communication design through the eyes of Tanagram.²
2 - Dawn Fend, Comply Enterprises, Inc., 3 - Jeffrey D. Froom,    
³ is Jeffrey Froom's self-promotion & portfolio website. Detailed examples of original & joint-effort design, flash, video & photography work is showcased here.²

Training & Education
1 - Carolyn Johnsen, Accenture, Using Bank Financial Statements: Structure and Analysis. (This is a 16MB executable that needs to be downloaded and run locally.)  
2 - Laddie Scott Odom, URL Labs,
3 - Erica Reiss & Mark Kolehmainen,
³This tutorial was developed to enhance and support PeopleSoft 8 training for Northern Trust managers.

Peoples¹ Choice Award
Daniel  O'Connell, Learning Insights,
³The NCAA course was designed for the University of Wisconsin to raise student-athlete awareness of NCAA compliance rules and regulations.²

Best in Show Grand Prize
Richard Carton, Carton Cartoons,
³A full-length animated video for Chicago rock gods and goddesses CANE CORSO.²




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